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Compassionate Listening Books

Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening, 
By Andrea Cohen, with Leah Green and Susan Partnow

This book is a response to the many requests The Compassionate Listening Project has received over the years from their program participants who want to continue to practice the skills of Compassionate Listening, as well as those who have heard about TCLP's work and are looking for a way to experience it without attending a training. The book covers much of the material taught at their introductory trainings, including many of the exercises, and will help you understand and implement the practices of Compassionate Listening in your daily life. Whether you're challenged by your own self-judgments or by conflicts within your family, workplace, or community, these powerful practices can provide a solid foundation for bringing greater peace into your life, and to the world. The exercises in the book are geared toward increasing your ability to do the following: Listen to yourself and others with greater compassion Avoid the pitfalls of defensiveness and blame in the heat of conflict Intervene in conflict in a way that adds the wisdom of heart-to-heart listening Create a safe and respectful environment that supports honest expression of thoughts and feelings Step into the shoes of another person so you can truly understand the other’s perspective The book describes the five core practices of Compassionate Listening and offers ways to practice them through a combination of theory, exercises and take-away suggestions. It is divided into the following chapters: Forward What is Compassionate Listening? Listening Basics How the Heart Matters Bridging and Inquiry Conflict as Opportunity Judgment and Blame The Drama Triangle Productive Dialogue Afterword Appreciation TESTIMONIALS Testimonials "With an economy of words, Andrea Cohen masters the how-to of human relationships that really work. She clarifies like no one else how the art of listening-to-learn is transforming despair into successful engagement at home and among nations — so much closer at hand than most people would imagine." ~ Libby Traubman, BA, MSW and Len Traubman, DDS, MSD, Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue "I endorse the program for Compassionate Listening. It’s very important to begin efforts to try to heal the world, and we need to know that we have the potential and the power to do that." ~ Dennis Kucinich, former United States Congressman "Finally, a heartful way for us all to benefit from the pioneering work of the Compassionate Listening Project. Andrea Cohen, with Leah Green and Susan Partnow, provides this groundbreaking invitation to living more compassionately with ourselves and others. Read this so we can use Compassionate Listening where we need it most—in our daily lives!" ~ Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Sheikh Jamal Rahman, the Interfaith Amigos, authors of “Getting to the Heart of Interfaith.” "I believe if human beings practiced the skills and philosophy laid out in this robustly comprehensive handbook, we could co-create together a true 'Heaven on Earth.'" ~ Linda Wolf, Founder/ED Teen Talking Circles  (Those who want to understand more about the theory of Compassionate Listening are invited to read Listening with the Heart: a Guidebook to Compassionate Listening, by Carol Hwoschinsky.)


Paperback: $20.00 USD
Kindle: $9.99 USD

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Listening with the Heart: A Guide to Compassionate Listening  
by Carol Hwoschinsky

In Listening from the Heart: A Guide to Compassionate Listening Carol Hwoschinsky offers an excellent supplement to the Compassionate Listening curriculum. This guide draws from practical applications and spiritual principles to provide myriad community applications, insights, techniques, and principles to help Compassionate Listening practitioners of all experience levels improve their relationships, enrich their internal lives, and contribute to peaceful solutions in a world where they are sorely needed. Reviews: "This book presents the finest alternative to a world of war. It is a masterpiece of social artistry and brings the deepest insights and practices of a compassionate encounter to bear upon nations sorely in need of new ways of being. If its principles were widely used, the twenty-first century would become a time both for peaceful solutions, as well as the evolution of social justice." -Jean Houston "Thank you for your guide to compassionate listening! It's a marvelous book - well written, concise, warmhearted, and practical. My trainings and workshops will benefit from it (and so will our world!)." -Joanna Macy "[Listening with the Heart] is eloquently written, rich in practical, psychological, and spiritual resources - and a guide to a new lifestyle which can benefit us - and possibly the whole world. Listening with the Heart inspires hope in this time of grave troubles." -Gene Knudsen Hoffman


Paperback: $20.00 USD
Kindle: $9.99 USD

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What If You Could?
by Lynne Harley (Author), Kiram Akram (Illustrator)

Bored with hanging around on a branch, munching leaves, a little caterpillar has a big dream of a wonderful future of flying and twirling in the sun and enjoying nectar from beautiful flowers. But which inner voice should he listen to? The kind voice that encourages him to believe in his dreams, or the mean one that warns him against change and tells him to give up on a brighter future? This little caterpillar’s inspirational story of transformation is everyone’s story. We all have to decide which inner voice to listen to whenever we prepare to leave our comfort zone, spread our wings, and fly. Like the little caterpillar, we make a brighter future for ourselves when we choose to listen to our voice of TRUTH, the voice that is kind supportive voice. Lynne Harley’s life work, spanning forty years as a social worker and transformational life coach, has been to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to give credence to the still, small voice of truth that is within all of us. In What If You Could?, Lynne seeks to plant these seeds into the minds of young children, but the message is a universal one that will be embraced by readers of all ages. Praise for What If You Could? “A wonderful book for all ages with a deep and profound message that will resonate with every reader . . . I think children will be captivated by the story and adults will be only too happy to read it again and again and again. It’s a real feel-good, inspiring read.” – Michelle Shaw, SaskBooks Reviews “This endearing children’s story, What If You Could?, tells the tale of a “thinking” caterpillar who has a dream, and his metamorphosis into a butterfly. Readers of all ages will relate to the voices that speak to the caterpillar as he desires more, dreams big, and is getting ready to leave behind what has been familiar. This book provides parents and educators with valuable teachings and tools. Learning to listen to, and trust the internal voice that is kind and loving, our voice of intuition; and the power of believing and living into one’s dreams. Lynne Harley shares her gifts in the world as a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, and now with this beautifully inspired children’s book, a tale of transformation for all.” – Mary Morrissey, founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, Internationally best-selling author of No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, which became a PBS special. “What If You Could? Is a wonderful book for children, introducing them to the magic of dreaming big by re-telling, in a very sweet way, the oft-told story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The youngest among us can learn the oldest of lessons through this time-honoured tale that can bring new awareness to a new generation when shared with the easy-to-understand, yet imaginative approach found here. This is a tale sure to generate questions, and open the door for every loving parent’s answer, about how the spiritual power of Belief works. – Neale Donald Walsch, internationally bestselling author of the book series Conversations With God, spiritual teacher, and founder of The Re-Creation Foundation.

Paperback: $16.99 USD
Kindle: $6.99 USD

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 Books with chapters on Compassionate Listening:


• Soul Stories, by Gary Zukav

• Peace In Our Lifetime, by Susan Skog

• Soul of Success: A Woman’s Guide to Authentic Power, by Jennifer Hawthorne

• Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition, by Stefen Merken and Murray Polner

• Beyond Bullets and Bombs: Grassroots Peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians, by Dr. Judy Kuriansky

• Love for no Reason: 7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love, by Marci Shimoff

• Making Peace with Faith - The Challenges of Religion and Peacebuilding, by Michelle Garred and Mohammed Abu-Nimer

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