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Bored with hanging around on a branch, munching leaves, a little caterpillar has a big dream of a wonderful future of flying and twirling in the sun and enjoying nectar from beautiful flowers.

But which inner voice should he listen to? The kind voice that encourages him to believe in his dreams, or the mean one that warns him against change and tells him to give up on a brighter future?


This little caterpillar’s inspirational story of transformation is everyone’s story. We all have to decide which inner voice to listen to whenever we prepare to leave our comfort zone, spread our wings, and fly. Like the little caterpillar, we make a brighter future for ourselves when we choose to listen to our voice of TRUTH, the voice that is kind supportive voice.

Lynne Harley’s life work, spanning forty years as a social worker and transformational life coach, has been to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to give credence to the still, small voice of truth that is within all of us. In What If You Could?, Lynne seeks to plant these seeds into the minds of young children, but the message is a universal one that will be embraced by readers of all ages.

What If You Could? eBook (PDF)

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