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Compassionate Listening is a skill set that calls for ongoing practice, integration, and embodiment. Our Advanced Trainings are designed to strengthen Compassionate Listening skills and catalyze personal growth. 

The Heart is Our Compass: An Advanced Compassionate Listening and Embodiment Journey

June 4- July 9, 2024

Advanced Training: Embodiment with Oneself and Others 


This course is excellent for those wanting to strengthen their connection to their authentic core essence, and learn how to maintain this compassionate connection to self and others in relationships, including in challenging situations.


You will:

  • Strengthen your Compassionate Listening skills of cultivating compassion, developing the fair witness, respecting self and others, and listening and speaking from the heart

  • Catalyze personal growth

  • Allow exploration of what it means to be a skilled practitioner

  • Offer direction and support in an intimate learning community of compassionate listeners

  • Leave you with powerful tools to ingrain Compassionate Listening in your everyday life


Participants come with the intention to deepen their understanding and practice of Compassionate Listening, for embodiment in daily life. Some are inspired to facilitate practice groups, offer presentations and introductions, and/or consider applying to our Facilitator Certification Program. Some integrate Compassionate Listening with their existing work. Everyone is welcome.


Open to everyone who has taken a 1 or 2-day introductory training or participated in a CL Journey. If you have been immersed in similar practices and embodiment work and consider yourself an advanced practitioner but have not taken our intro workshop, please contact us to see if this is right for you. 

Advanced Training: World Work From the Heart

This course is designed for those who want to pursue more profound skill development in the realm of world work, community, large group interaction, and leadership. You will learn how to increase your effectiveness as both an ally and a leader and bring CL skills into the public discourse.


How can we bring greater compassion into our work as we seek to transform our world into the one we want? We believe this starts with one's internal work, including an understanding of history, one's implicit bias, and cultural context while understanding that change is possible when met with compassion, grace, and psychological safety, all of which are critical steps before we can invite others to the conversation. Learn how to set aside the impulse to change, enlighten, or educate the "other" and step into an opportunity to learn, understand, and show compassion by giving the gift of being heard. 


The curriculum includes issues of rank, privilege, internalized and systemic oppression, grief, and forgiveness – as well as practice ‘sitting in the fire’ when in the presence of those with whom we disagree. Through a combination of practices, we'll work to strengthen our ability to be a positive force in the world - with the courage, knowledge, and humility needed to "take a stand." On each step of the journey, you’ll integrate more deeply the wisdom of mind, body, and spirit in service of creating the world we long for. Join us in this laboratory for growth and connection.



Requires completion of a CL Intro workshop and the Advanced Training: Embodiment with Oneself and Others. 

“The Advanced Training hugely exceeded my expectations in the depth of learning, self-revelation, connection to others, and in accepting love, courage, and inspiration to move forward.”

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