The intelligence of the heart is confirmed in research in the field of Neurocardiology. In Compassionate Listening, our emphasis is on strengthening the influence of the heart through cultivating compassion for ourselves and others, and learning to listen and speak from the heart – even in the heat of conflict. In Compassionate Listening workshops, we learn how to reach through layers of defensiveness and reactivity to our essential core. From there, harnessing the power of our heart, we can shift communication and relationships into compassionate interaction. We are truly learning to be the peace we wish to see in the world, as Gandhi so eloquently challenged us to do. 


Our highly experiential workshops are designed around five core practices:

  • Cultivating Compassion for ourselves and others;

  • Developing the Fair Witness by remaining open and working with triggers in conflict situations;

  • Respecting Self and Others by developing boundaries which protect yet include;

  • Listening with the Heart – allow divergence and find a deeper point of connection;

  • Speaking from the Heart with language that reflects a healing intention.

We believe that these skills are essential for our evolution as a human species. As the Dalai Lama says, compassion is no longer a luxury, it is essential for our human survival. Learning how to navigate conflict, work with our judgments and triggers, and humanize those we think of as "other" live at the heart of our trainings. These are life-long practices that will serve you in all relationships - as friend, parent, child, sibling, neighbor, co-worker, lover and leader. They will guide you to heal troubled or broken relationships, and strengthen your peace-making skills in daily life. 

We offer three types of workshops; Introductory workshops, Advanced Training workshops, and Enhancement workshops. The type of workshop is listed in our course descriptions on the calendar below. Please note that an Introductory workshop is a prerequisite to attend our Advanced trainings, but not our Enhancement trainings. 

For more information on hosting a workshop and bringing Compassionate Listening to your community, please see below and contact us for further questions.

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