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Meet our Board of Directors 

Rabbi Andrea Cohen - Greenfield, Massachusetts

Rabbi Andrea Cohen Kiener is the spiritual leader of Congregation Temple Israel in Greenfield MA.  Andrea is a prayer leader, educator, author and activist. She is the former director Connecticut Interfaith Power and Light. Andrea was a farm intern at the Rochester Folks Art Guild from 2013-2015. In Greenfield, she brings sustainability and food security concerns to her rabbinic ministry in rural Massachusetts. 

Andrea was a delegation leader and assistant on nine Compassionate Listening Journeys to Israel and Palestine. She uses her CL training to support a culture of healthy communication in her congregational life.

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Chiara D’Angelo - Kitsap Peninsula, Washington

Chiara is a community organizer born and raised in the Salish Sea, who is passionate about the protection and restoration of local ecosystems. At a young age Chiara began connecting the dots between the health of local ecosystems and the decisions people in positions of power were making. Now, with a degree in systems thinking for ecosystem health, Chiara is dedicating her life to transforming human systems to protect and restore ecosystems. She believes compassionate listening is a way to find common sense solutions to ensure a livable future and vibrant ecosystems for generations to come. 

Munteha Shukralla - New York, New York

Munteha Shukralla came to the Compassionate Listening Project in 1998 with a background in social activism and a commitment to working for a transformed world. To that end, she has organized ecumenical peace conferences, led Compassionate Listening journeys, and worked to train and educate thousands in creating a world that works for everyone. A woman with a multicultural background and a BA in International Studies from Portland State University, Munteha has over 20 years experience in Transformational Facilitation, as well as Operations Management and Coaching.  She has used both experience and knowledge to inform her interactions with peoples from all walks of life, backgrounds, disparate beliefs and circumstances. She holds that the inestimable value of the Compassionate Listening Project, the journeys, and the workshops, is that this work creates training and a space for a clearer vision and relatedness, a reality she has seen with her own eyes. 

Phil Fratesi - Baltimore, Maryland

Phil is an organizational development consultant and event planner. Phil’s early career in education as a teacher and school administrator taught him that listening to the stories of others was a cornerstone of learning and mutually productive relationships. In his work with organizational leaders, he elicits vision, inclusion, and accountability. The work of Compassionate Listening reflects his values and commitment to assisting others in their personal and organizational development.

Will Osmun - Grand Rapids, MI

Will spent 30 years working in for-profit businesses. During that time, he was an entrepreneur, running an entertainment business for 20 years, while also earning a B.A. in Communications, a Masters of Management and a Masters of Science. 

Will has been a lifelong advocate for social justice, addressing issues on a local, state and national level. He was trained in Empathic Listening and worked as a volunteer on the local Suicide/Crisis Hotline. He co-founded both the Stop the Violence Basketball League, an inner-city youth program, and the Greater Grand Rapids Racial Equity Network. He served on the board of directors of two food justice non-profits: Access of West Michigan and Kid’s Food Basket. 

From 2011 to 2014, he served as the Executive Director of The SOURCE, working with government, businesses, and community organizations to increase employee retention, strengthen families, and build community. Additionally, he is a 2011 graduate of Leadership Grand Rapids and a Marano Fellow of the Sector Skills Academy 2011. Will has presented nationally on issues of race, privilege, equity, poverty, implicit bias, employment, community building, collaboration and rethinking the nonprofit agenda.

Since leaving The SOURCE, he launched an inner-city program on Detroit’s South East side for United Health Care and has filled the role of VP & Chief Strategist for the Urban League of West Michigan. Will also has a Masters in Leadership and Change and is in the final stages of his PhD dissertation at Antioch University. He went through the basic and advanced trainings in Compassionate Listening in 2011. Since that time, he has integrated the skills and philosophy of Compassionate Listening into his work, academic and home life. He has been on two delegations to Palestine and Israel and became a Compassionate Listening facilitator in 2017. 

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