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​We offer one- and two-day introductory workshops as well as enhancement trainings. Most workshops take place online via Zoom.


Advanced Trainings

​Compassionate Listening is a skill set that calls for ongoing practice, integration, and embodiment. Our Advanced Trainings are designed to strengthen Compassionate Listening skills and catalyze personal growth. 


Journey to Israel & Palestine

​Journey to the Heart of Israel and Palestine for a profound immersion through the lens of Compassionate Listening. Next Journey: November, 2023

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Journey to Alabama

​Journey with the Compassionate Listening Project to the Deep South, Apr 10-18, 2023


Coaching & Consulting

​Get the 1-on-1 support you need to integrate Compassionate Listening in your life and strengthen your leadership skills with the support of a trained facilitator. We can support you in resolving conflicts you're facing and integrating these tools in a powerful and lasting way.


Facilitator Certification

​Join our Facilitator Certification program and be mentored to lead Compassionate Listening workshops and create your own programs with our service mark. (This program is for experienced facilitators/leaders.)  

Compassionate Listening is a process rather than a product. It is healing precisely because it does not pretend to “have the answers.” Rather, it engages the participants in processes that have each side seeing the humanity of the other, even when they disagree.


~ Rabbi David Zaslow, Ashland Oregon

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