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In Listening from the Heart: A Guide to Compassionate Listening Carol Hwoschinsky offers an excellent supplement to the Compassionate Listening curriculum. This guide draws from practical applications and spiritual principles to provide myriad community applications, insights, techniques, and principles to help Compassionate Listening practitioners of all experience levels improve their relationships, enrich their internal lives, and contribute to peaceful solutions in a world where they are sorely needed.


Listening from the Heart: A Guide to Compassionate Listening is an ideal companion piece for Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening by Andrea Cohen, Leah Green, and Susan Partnow, which offers an introductory-level curriculum or a practical how-to guide for practicing Compassionate Listening.

Listening with the Heart: A Guide for Compassionate Listening eBook (PDF)

  • This guidebook by Carol Hwoschinsky, was written to answer the many requests for more information about Compassionate Listening. What is it? Why do we do it? What are its applications? When is it appropriate and when is it not? How do we do it? How could someone become involved? The book is organized around these questions.

    The book was written with the belief that this work should expand and become the basis of all dialogue. It serves as an invitation to enlarge the community of people, world wide, who know the importance of respect and compassion in all human interactions. It is meant to be both inspirational and practical. All proceeds from the sale of this Guidebook go to the Compassionate Listening Project.


    Table of Contents

    Part One gives the philosophy and theory of Compassionate Listening and what the benefits, results, and outcomes can be.


    Part Two introduces the practice. Starting with basic individual preparation through inner work, one learns the basic practical steps for mastering the skills. Exercises for practice and the mastery of skills are offered. Encountering challenges is also addressed in this section.


    Part Three offers ways to become more involved and possibilities for expanding this work. It includes exercises and skills for working with study groups, projects, and the broader community.


    Part Four describes examples of five different models of Compassionate Listening Projects with contact information.


    The Appendix provides further material with which to deepen your experience both individually and in group settings.


    A Glossary of Terms defines some of the major concepts used in the Compassionate Listening context.


    The Reference section includes a bibliography and contact information of some groups involved in Compassionate Listening projects.

  • "This book presents the finest alternative to a world of war. It is a masterpiece of social artistry and brings the deepest insights and practices of compassionate encounter to bear upon nations sorely in need of new ways of being. If its principles were widely used, the twenty-first century would become a time both for peaceful solutions, as well as the evolution of social justice."

    ~ Jean Houston, author


    "Thank you for your guide to Compassionate Listening! it’s a marvelous book – well written, concise, warm-hearted and practical. My trainings and workshops will benefit from it (and so will our world!).”

    ~ Joanna Macy


    Listening with the Heart: A Guide for Compassionate Listening is a gem! Those of us who have been involved with conflict resolution and mediation have waited a long time for such an inspired guidebook to be published. From specific techniques to testimonies this book is a great tool. It is both practical and inspirational and the author, Carol Hwoschinsky, has my heartfelt gratitude!

    ~ Rabbi David Zaslow, Havurah Shir Hadash Synagogue, Ashland, Oregon

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