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Israel and Palestine

Join our 35th Journey to the Heart of Israel and Palestine
November 4 - 15, 2023
(Learn about our Alabama Journey here)

Join us for the journey of a lifetime—our annual training delegation

where participants live the practice of Compassionate Listening.


Today, after 34 Journeys and many conflict transformation workshops for Israelis and Palestinians, we are one of the oldest organizations engaged in people-to-people peacemaking. This is not a tourist trip - it is a journey into the hearts and homes of Israelis and Palestinians in the heart of profound conflict. Participants give the gift of listening and in exchange, receive an education in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and ways to support peacemakers on the ground, and learn an embodied practice that will serve you back home in every aspect of your life. 

Journeys begin in Jerusalem with an intensive introduction to Compassionate Listening. We listen to people whose lives are profoundly impacted by the conflict. Our goal during these visits is to understand and dialogue with the person in front of us, while practicing our craft of listening and speaking from the heart. Compassionate Listening allows dialogue to take place “heart to heart” and has an entirely different quality. Through our daily practice in the field and our group sessions, participants come away with a deepened understanding of Compassionate Listening, a powerful skill set for peace-building in our families, communities, and in all conflict situations. A primary goal for this delegation is to support the peacemakers as we deepen our understanding of, and connection with, the land and people of the region.

34th Israel & Palestine Journey, 2019

I came on this trip because I thought it was an important thing to do. But I received the blessing of being a part of a forty-two-earred holy being. Thank you!    ~ Whit Jones, founder, Center for Emerging Futures

View our video, Pathways to the Heart, filmed on a Journey in Israel and Palestine