Children of Abraham

Children of Abraham compellingly documents the profound possibilities within a society in which friends and enemies alike attune themselves to the voice of the other. It should serve as an urgent reminder of how badly we transgress and how much we forfeit when we dismiss the power of listening as too simple. This is not a promotion of a naive quick fix, but rather a call to the wrenching but essential heroism that Jewish tradition says inheres in making one’s enemy into one’s friend.

Rabbi Gordon Tucker

Children of Abraham is stunning. I weep every time I see it. I am so grateful for how true the film is to my original vision of Compassionate Listening – it captures the full flavor of my spiritual intent.

Gene Knudsen Hoffman, founder of Compassionate Listening

The film follows the Jewish participants as they visit with and listen to Israelis and Palestinians – from leaders to refugees, and seek to understand the complexities of religious, political and human rights issues. Participants include Jewish leaders and professionals ranging from secular to observant.

This beautiful documentary introduces the Compassionate Listening reconciliation model, and humanizes each Israeli and Palestinian portrayed. The film delivers a compelling message that conflict can be transformed through the simple act of listening.


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