Compassionate Listening in Six Books

Our sincere thanks to Stefan Merken and Murray Polner, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Jennifer Hawthorne and Jack Canfield, and Susan Skog for including extensive information about Compassionate Listening in their new books. You can find them on Amazon.

Peace, Justice, and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition: In this landmark collection of contemporary Jewish thought, Polner and Merken have drawn on the work of a wide variety of thinkers and activists in Israel and the US including charity workers, political demonstrators, conscientious objectors, prison workers, animal rights advocates, mothers and fathers, refuseniks, rabbis, soldiers, journalists, and professors who pursue human rights as the key to security, a view nourished during two millennia of the Diaspora, and which has proudly seen Jews at the forefront of struggles for civil rights, labor rights, anti-militarism, and compassion for the most vulnerable among us: the poor, the hungry, the helpless, the oppressed.

Beyond Bullets and Bombs: In the midst of ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, civil war, and political discord, courageous civilians from both sides are working together toward mutual understanding and peace. Israeli Jews and Arabs, and Palestinian Muslims and Christians, young and old, men and women, are cooperating in grassroots people-to-people projects, developing educational programs and creating activities to bridge their differences. Beyond Bullets and Bombs showcases such impressive and important projects that deserve more support and world attention. In 40 captivating chapters, experts tell intriguing personal stories interwoven with psychosocial models and principles proving how people living in hostile cultures can establish peace.

Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live: In this inspiring yet practical book, the authors share some of their most important lessons to help us adjust our attitudes, feel more balanced and experience the serenity that comes from doing and being our best—no matter what the outcome. Powerful stories illustrate each lesson, with themes such as:
• feeling more at home in the world • creating happiness from the inside out • turning fear into courage • transforming your life through real honesty • letting go of judgments • leading with the heart.

The Give-Back Solution: Creating a Better World with Your Time, Talents and Travel: Reaching out and supporting others brings out the best in all of us. Giving back strengthens America—but the under-appreciated secret is that it lifts us up, too. Part call-to-action, part inspiration, part practical research guide to make-a-difference opportunities, the Give-Back Solution captures the idealism and generosity sweeping our country, even in the face of serious challenges. With amazing stories of everyday volunteers having the time of their lives giving back, social change leader Susan Skog shows how you can join the groundswell of goodwill, whether you volunteer abroad or support efforts locally, and whatever your time, talents, or resources.


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