Sample Itinerary, Israel and Palestine

The actual itinerary changes from trip to trip. Most of our time is spent in the Jerusalem area, the Galilee and across the Green Line in the West Bank. Below is an actual itinerary from a recent delegation:

Day 1

  • 5:50 pm Arrive Tel Aviv
  • private bus to Ecce Homo Convent, Old City
  • dinner and opening circle

Day 2

  • Old City walk – holy sites in Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters;
  • Introductions & Compassionate Listening Training;
  • 8:00 pm Anita, Israeli farmer and former Gaza resident

Day 3

  • 9:00-6:30: Tour Separation Wall and listening session with Israeli activist;
  • Wi’am Director, Zoughbi al-Zoughbi, Bethlehem;
  • Orit Noked, Israeli Member of Parliament (Knesset);
  • evening: group

Day 4

  • Yad v’ Shem, Holocaust Museum; lunch and walking in Ein Karem
  • Shani Werner, New Profile and Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace;
  • evening: group

Day 5

  • Hope Flowers School, Al-Khader, West Bank, with Director Ibrahim Issa;
  • Kfar Etzion, Israeli settlement in the West Bank
  • Devorah, Founder of Bat Ayin settlement
  • evening: group

Day 6

  • Visit Bethlehem area-including Church of Nativity
  • Listening session with Mayor (Hamas party) in West Bank village, municipality office
  • Arrive at Al-Arroub Refugee Camp
  • Meeting with heads of Camp and Women’s Committee
  • evening: overnight with families in the camp

Day 7

  • 10:30 – depart for Hebron
  • Hisham Sharabati, Palestinian journalist and human rights researcher
  • Christian Peacemaker Team
  • Tour Abraham’s Tomb/Ibrahimi Mosque
  • Beit Haddassah Settlement and Museum honoring Jewish victims of the 1929 massacre in Hebron

Day 8

  • Danny Seaman, Israeli Government Press Officer
  • lunch at Kibbutz Tzuba with friends of the project
  • Tour John the Baptist’s Cave with Kibbutz guide
  • drive to Haifa
  • evening: group

Day 9

  • Listening session with Israeli peacemaker Hagit Raanan; travel with Hagit to Metullah and the Good Fence on the Lebanese border
  • lunch in Kiryat Shmona and listening to residents
  • listening session with Israeli kindergarten director, Rhonda (in the bomb shelter of Tzfat Hospital) whose son was wounded in the 2006 war with Lebanon
  • evening: Rosh Pina for dinner and listening session with local Israeli women, hosted by Anael Harpaz

Day 10

  • optional trip to the Baha’i Temple and Mediterranean beach
  • listening to bereaved family of 15-year old Du’a Abbass, victim of a Hizballah rocket in July 2006, in M’ghar, Israel;
  • evening: group

Day 11

  • President, al-Qasemi College, Baka al-Gharbiyyeh
  • Ellen Goldberg, New Israel Fund
  • free time in Jerusalem

Day 12

  • Ramallah
  • Bil’in village – witness international demonstration against the Separation Wall
  • film screening of “Bil’in, My Beloved” with Israeli director Shai Pollack
  • 3-6: Home visit and Shabbat observance with Dalia Landau, Founder, Open House and (and protagonist in Sandy Tolan’s book “The Lemon Tree”

Day 13

  • morning: group
  • afternoon: free time
  • closing the circle and group dinner
  • depart for airport

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