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Journey to the Heart

 Sample Itinerary


Below is an actual itinerary from a past trip.  This is meant to be a sample, as our itineraries are never duplicated.


Day 1

  • 5:50 pm Arrive Tel Aviv

  • private bus to Ecce Homo Convent, Muslim Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem

  • dinner and opening circle


Day 2

  • Old City walk – holy sites in Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters;

  • Introductions & Compassionate Listening Training;

  • 8:00 pm Jewish and Palestinian member, Combatants for Peace


Day 3

  • 9:00-6:30: Tour Separation Wall and listening session with Israeli activist;

  • Wi’am Director, Zoughbi al-Zoughbi, Bethlehem;

  • Orit Noked, Israeli Member of Parliament (Knesset);

  • evening: group


Day 4

  • Yad v’ Shem, Holocaust Museum; lunch and walking in Ein Karem

  • Shani Werner, New Profile and Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace;

  • evening: group


Day 5

  • Hope Flowers School, Al-Khader, West Bank, with Director Ibrahim Issa;

  • Roots - Israeli Settlers and West Bank Palestinians in dialogue

  • Devorah, Founder of Bat Ayin settlement

  • evening: group


Day 6

  • Visit Bethlehem area-including Church of Nativity

  • Listening session with Mayor (Hamas party) in West Bank village, municipality office

  • Arrive at Al-Arroub Refugee Camp

  • Meeting with heads of Camp and Women’s Committee

  • evening: overnight with families in the camp


Day 7​

  • Hisham Sharabati, Palestinian journalist and founder, Hebron Defense Committee

  • Christian Peacemaker Team

  • Tour Abraham’s Tomb/Ibrahimi Mosque

  • Beit Haddassah Settlement and Museum honoring Jewish victims of the 1929 massacre in Hebron


Day 8

  • Israeli Government Press Officer

  • lunch at Kibbutz Tzuba with founders and friends 

  • Tour John the Baptist’s Cave with Kibbutz guide

  • evening: group


Day 9

  • Tour destroyed Palestinian villages with Israeli NGO Zochrot (Remembering)

  • Palestinian non-violence leader, Sami Awad, Founder, Holy Land Trust

  • Tour Walled Off Hotel (Banksy)

  • evening: group


Day 10

  • Gaza border with Other Voices

  • Home visit and dinner hosted by Israeli friends in Tel Aviv

  • evening: group


Day 11

  • Young Jewish and Palestinian women graduates of the Creativity for Peace Camp in the USA

  • Director, New Israel Fund

  • free time in Jerusalem


Day 12

  • Ramallah

  • Bil’in village – witness international demonstration against the Separation Wall

  • film screening of “Bil’in, My Beloved” with Israeli director Shai Pollack

  • 3-6: Home visit and Shabbat observance with Dalia Landau, Founder, Open House (and protagonist in Sandy Tolan’s book “The Lemon Tree”)


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