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When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Mind?

By Camille Dickerson-Lemieux, Managing Director

When was the last time you changed your mind? In an era dominated by highly customizable social media, we find ourselves comfortably embedded in echo chambers meticulously tailored to our own beliefs. This digital haven of agreement reaffirms our convictions, granting us the luxury of never having to reassess our views. However, in this seemingly seamless alignment of data and opinion, are we truly engaging with reality? While we've gained unprecedented knowledge about the universe, we’re often oblivious to the experiences of our neighbors or those with subtly different echo chambers right beside ours.

It's a shock to our system when we encounter individuals entrenched in a reality utterly divergent from our own. Why worry about Extraterrestrials when people inside our own country or family seem alien to us? How do we even begin to understand them when all we've heard is that their narratives are a threat to our lives? But it begins with a resolute confrontation of reality, an honest appraisal of the person before us.

Consider this: the individual in front of us is not a monolith of their affiliations. Their identity is multifaceted, woven together by life experiences, aspirations, and fears. How did they arrive at this point in their journey? What narratives shaped them? Have they felt fear, anxiety, or shame? Haven’t you felt those as well and tried to protect yourself from those feelings?

The path towards empathy and understanding requires self-regulation—slowing down our preconceptions to truly see the other person. When we’re ready we relinquish assumptions and engage in authentic dialogue.

As each story unfolds in the exchange between two individuals, the world gradually expands. A realization dawns: we share a common planet, a common humanity. The chasm of difference begins to narrow, bridged by empathy and an unwavering commitment to comprehend.

So, let's take the initiative to shatter the echo chambers, embracing the richness that emerges from dialogue with our fellow Earth dwellers. Our journey through this vast cosmos is made more meaningful when we transcend the confines of our own perspectives. It's a step towards nurturing the unity that defines our existence. Let’s make the world a bigger place.


By Camille Dickerson-Lemieux, Managing Director

Camille is an explorer of diverse communities, from zen monasteries to jungle eco 'towns,' fostering her passion for understanding conflict and skillful resolution. Her pursuits have led her to earn a Master's in Reconciliation from the University of Winchester. She firmly believes in the power of every individual's story and their right to be heard, even amidst communication challenges. When not immersed in her work, Camille crafts art videos for her YouTube channel and cherishes time with her husband and two cherished cats.

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