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Supporting Peace Efforts in Israel & Palestine: A Community Resource Compilation

Dear Community,

In response to the heartfelt inquiries from many of our members regarding ways to contribute to peace efforts in Palestine and Israel, we've compiled a comprehensive list of reputable nonprofits, organizations, and resources trusted by our community. We believe that fostering understanding, empathy, and informed dialogue is crucial in promoting peaceful resolution to this complex and sensitive issue.

  1. Combatants for Peace Combatants for Peace brings together Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were once involved in the conflict as combatants, now advocating for peace and cooperation through storytelling and activism. Founded by individuals with nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, this organization offers a unique perspective on the path to reconciliation.

  2. B'Tselem B'Tselem is an Israeli human rights organization focusing on documenting and exposing human rights violations in the occupied territories, promoting accountability, and advocating for justice and equality.

  3. The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) PCFF is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization consisting of families who have lost loved ones to the conflict. They work together to promote reconciliation, understanding, and peace through dialogue and joint activities.

  4. Tomorrow’s Women Tomorrow's Women is dedicated to empowering women in conflict zones, including Israel and Palestine, through education, support, and community-building initiatives. They focus on fostering resilience and peacebuilding among women from diverse backgrounds.

  5. Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) ALLMEP is an umbrella organization based in Washington DC, comprising like-minded organizations working towards peace and coexistence in the Middle East. Their collaborative efforts aim to address the root causes of the conflict and promote sustainable peacebuilding initiatives.

  6. Jerusalem Peace Chorus The Jerusalem Peace Chorus brings together Israeli and Palestinian youth through music, promoting intercultural understanding, dialogue, and reconciliation. Their harmonious collaboration serves as a powerful symbol of hope and unity amidst division.

  7. Women Wage Peace Women Wage Peace is a grassroots movement of Israeli and Palestinian women advocating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Through various initiatives and campaigns, they work to mobilize public support and influence policymakers towards sustainable peace efforts.

  8. Just Vision Just Vision is a media organization that highlights the stories of Palestinians and Israelis working nonviolently to end the occupation and build a future of freedom, dignity, and equality. Their documentaries and media projects aim to challenge stereotypes and inspire positive action.

  9. Holy Land Trust Holy Land Trust is committed to promoting nonviolent resistance, peacebuilding, and community empowerment in the Holy Land. Through education, advocacy, and grassroots initiatives, they strive to address the root causes of conflict and promote lasting peace.

  10. Hope Flowers School Hope Flowers School is dedicated to providing quality education and peacebuilding programs for Palestinian children, emphasizing critical thinking, tolerance, and reconciliation. Their holistic approach aims to nurture future leaders committed to peaceful coexistence.

  11. Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Palestinian children and youth affected by conflict, poverty, and occupation. PCRF provides medical assistance, humanitarian aid, and developmental programs to support the well-being and future prospects of Palestinian children, particularly those living in Gaza and the West Bank. Through partnerships with hospitals, healthcare providers, and volunteers, PCRF strives to address the urgent medical needs and long-term developmental challenges facing Palestinian communities.

  12. Standing Together Standing Together is a grassroots movement in Israel that brings together Jewish and Arab citizens to promote social solidarity, coexistence, and shared citizenship. Through collaborative initiatives, demonstrations, and community-building activities, Standing Together seeks to challenge discrimination, racism, and inequality, while advocating for a more inclusive and just society for all Israelis. By fostering connections and understanding between diverse communities, Standing Together aims to build bridges of cooperation and mutual support, transcending divisions and promoting unity in pursuit of a better future for all residents of Israel.

  13. A Land for All A Land for All is an organization committed to promoting peace, justice, and equality in Israel and Palestine. Founded on the principle that all inhabitants of the land deserve dignity, rights, and self-determination, One Land for All advocates for an inclusive and democratic society where Palestinians and Israelis can live together in harmony and mutual respect. Through grassroots activism, education, and advocacy, One Land for All works to challenge the structures of oppression and discrimination that perpetuate the conflict, while promoting dialogue, reconciliation, and shared visions for a shared future.

  14. Community Peacemaker Teams Community Peacemaker Teams are grassroots initiatives consisting of local volunteers committed to nonviolent conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and community empowerment in Israel and Palestine. These teams operate in various neighborhoods, cities, and regions affected by the conflict, working to prevent violence, promote dialogue, and build trust between different communities. Community Peacemaker Teams engage in activities such as mediation, peace education, community organizing, and humanitarian assistance, striving to address the root causes of conflict and promote positive social change at the grassroots level.

  15. Friends of Roots Friends of Roots is an organization dedicated to fostering understanding, empathy, and reconciliation between Jewish and Palestinian communities in the West Bank. Through grassroots initiatives, educational programs, and intercommunity dialogue, Friends of Roots brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to build connections, bridge divides, and promote coexistence. By cultivating relationships based on mutual respect, empathy, and shared humanity, Friends of Roots seeks to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and promote peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.

We hope that by supporting and engaging with these organizations, we can collectively contribute to positive change and foster a future of peace and reconciliation in Israel and Palestine. If you are aware of any other organizations that haven't been mentioned please feel free to share a link in the comments down below.

With gratitude for your commitment to peace,

The Compassionate Listening Project

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