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Gil Bar-Sela: Queer Man, Compassionate Listening Facilitator

Listen to this powerful interview and dialogue with Gil Bar-Sela on The New Masculine podcast, with host Travis Stock. Listen here.

“I think being a Compassionate Listening facilitator and really being immersed in this work has taught me a great deal about being comfortable with discomfort – especially my own. And that work has been so transformative, for me personally, being able to really stand in the fire – all of the fires of my identity – the fire of being Israeli, the fire of whiteness, the fire of masculinity, and on one hand really doing the inner work that I needed to do in order to transmute the inner wounding I was experiencing from within, but also hold space for these conversations to occur – knowing that they are uncomfortable, knowing that vulnerability and fragility are part of the agreement in the field…”
~ Gil Bar Sela

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