11:00 am, Pacific Standard Time | 8-Session Online Workshop Series

Advanced Training with Leah Green and Susan Partnow: Transforming Relationships & Deepening Healing

Integrate and embody the Five Core Practices of Compassionate Listening with self and others.
Advanced Training with Leah Green and Susan Partnow: Transforming Relationships & Deepening Healing

Time & Location

11:00 am, Pacific Standard Time
8-Session Online Workshop Series

About The Event

Facilitated by Leah Green & Susan Partnow with a team of our fabulous certified facilitators

Winter 2022

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Compassionate Listening is a skill set that calls for ongoing practice, integration, and embodiment.  This course is excellent for those wanting to strengthen their connection to their authentic core essence, and learn how to maintain this compassionate connection to self and others in relationships, including in challenging and polarizing situations.  

Participants come with the intention to deepen their understanding and practice of Compassionate Listening for embodiment in daily life, to form practice groups, to integrate Compassionate Listening with their existing work, and/or as a step toward our Facilitator Certification Program.  Everyone is welcome.

Our Advanced Training will:

  • Strengthen your core Compassionate Listening skills: cultivating compassion, developing the fair witness, respecting self and others, and listening and speaking from the heart;
  • Equip you with powerful practices to access inner guidance in your everyday life;
  • Provide you with practical tools for resilience, inner freedom, and authentic expression;
  • Fortify your capacity for keeping an open heart and mind in these polarized times;
  • Catalyze personal growth; and
  • Offer direction and support in an intimate learning community of compassionate listeners.


Advanced courses are open to everyone who has taken a 1- or 2-day introductory training (including White People's Inner Work and White Fragility courses with Debby and Yael) or participated in a CL Journey. Please contact us if you would like to attend but have not yet participated in our work: staff@compassionatelistening.org

Event Details 

This eight-session online course will be held on Zoom. Rather than a webinar where you can tune in at your convenience and listen casually, our workshop is highly experiential and requires your full presence, participation, and commitment. In order to make the most of your experience and support others' learning and engagement, please:

  • Plan to arrive in a quiet distraction-free environment, fully present and available to experience the workshop.
  • Do not join the workshop while in transit (walking, driving, on the bus, etc.), or while multitasking (cooking, working, watching television, etc.).
  • Connect to the event using a device that has full video and audio capability, and plan to have your video turned on for the majority of the workshop once it begins—especially during circle time and in breakout rooms, which will be used for small group exercises. (It's okay to turn your video off temporarily to attend to background distractions or needs.)
  • Your presence at each and every session is essential and valued. Please note that all participants are required to attend the first session in order to honor and support the container of trust which will set the tone for the following sessions. We respectfully request that you attend all sessions possible.
  • You will spend time in most sessions in a small ‘pod’ of participants for more intimate time and a deeper dive with the material. Each pod will be led by one of our stellar certified facilitators. 
  • Compassionate Listening is a practice: There will be an optional opportunity to drop into a weekly practice session.

If you require any accommodations to attend, including physical limitations around viewing screens or having your video on, please contact us before the first session so that we can plan accordingly.

After registration and payment, you will receive a registration confirmation and welcome email. Please add us (staff@compassionatelistening.org) to your safe senders list to ensure that you receive all course access information.

If you have any questions, please contact us at staff@compassionatelistening.org.


The cost for this workshop series is $450. A limited number of $350 tickets are available for those who require financial assistance in order to attend. $550 tickets are also available for those who would like to support others' attendance.

We are committed to accessibility and sincerely desire for all who wish to attend our workshops to be able to do so, regardless of financial means. Please submit a scholarship request if finances are a barrier to your participation.

Your generous donations make our scholarship program possible. If you have the means, please consider donating to our scholarship fund to enable others to attend who otherwise would not be able to do so.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made after Saturday, September 21st will receive a tuition credit which may be used towards any future Compassionate Listening course(s) or workshop(s).

Due to the container of trust which participants begin to build with one another early in the course, as well as the cumulative nature of the curriculum, we request that participants make every effort to attend the first session. 


The Advanced Training hugely exceeded my expectations in the depth of learning, self-revelation, connection to others, and in accepting love, courage, and inspiration to move forward.

The material is magnificent, as is the transparent, loving, and dedicated facilitation and leadership. The field that was created was incredibly powerful and loving.

The exercises moved me, and brought me to insight and change quickly. I am filled with awe at the potential power of this work, and filled with gratitude for it. It’s fabulous!


Leah Green

Leah is founder and director of the Compassionate Listening Project. She holds a masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Washington, where she also completed her coursework for an MA in Middle Eastern Studies. Leah is recognized as a leader in Jewish-Palestinian reconciliation, having led 26 delegations to Israel & Palestine, and one to Syria & Lebanon. She produced three documentaries about the conflict, including Children of Abraham, and co-founded the Jewish-German Compassionate Listening Project. Leah began teaching CL in Israel and Palestine in 1999, and has taught worldwide since. She is a facilitator of Systems and Family Constellations and integrates Constellations into her trainings. Leah is a recipient of the Yoga Journal’s “Karma Yoga Award”. Her work has been profiled in many articles and books. She enjoys mentoring new facilitators through the certification program and loves coaching. 

Susan Partnow 

Susan Partnow has catalyzed social transformation for 30+ years from Africa to Guatemala, Cuba to Japan. Co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Let’s Talk America, Global Citizen Journey, and Seattle Restorative Justice, Susan especially enjoys transforming conflict using Restorative Circles, Open Space, World Café, and Appreciative Inquiry. Author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions and co-contributor to Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening. Passionately committed to inter-cultural understanding, peacemaking, and community building, Susan deeply believes we can and must 'listen our way to wholeness' to find our essential humanity through connection, wise co-creation, and dialogue. Susan has been an essential part of Compassionate Listening soon after its inception. She was one of the very first trainers, part of the core council that created the core practices and the advanced training, the first director of Advanced Training, and a former Board member.

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