DVD: Crossing the Lines

  • Our 1 1/2 hour-long film, Crossing the Lines, will bring you to a deeper, more compassionate level of understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    The interviews with 15 Israelis and Palestinians were selected from over forty hours of footage from Compassionate Listening delegations. This video will expose you to a wide range of people and viewpoints and bring you into the hearts and minds of Israelis and Palestinians beyond the news media.

    Crossing the Lines is perfect for the classroom, religious congregations, and peace and dialogue groups. It is an up-to-date companion to Children of Abraham. The video includes interviews with the following Israelis and Palestinians:

    • Father Elias Chacour, Author, and Director, Mar Elias School
    • Judy Balint, Israeli Author
    • Zoughbi al-Zoughbi, Director, Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center
    • Sara Kaminker, former Jerusalem City Planner
    • Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Director, Rabbis for Human Rights
    • Daniel Seaman, Director, Israeli Government Press Office
    • Salah Taamari, Palestinian Legislative Council
    • Rabbi David Zeller, Director, YAKAR; resident, Efrat
    • Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, former P.L.O. Representative, Jerusalem; President, Al-Quds University
    • Rabbi Seth Mandell, Father of Kobi Mandell, Takoa, West Bank
    • Hassan & Nardin Asleh, Family of Asel Asleh – Seeds of Peace activist
    • Captain Peter Lerner, Israel Defense Forces, West Bank
    • Devorah Brous, founder, Bustan
    • Hisham Sharabati, Palestinian Journalist and human rights worker