Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring track is designed as a 6-10-month minimum program that involves leading a practice group and working one-on-one with one of our seasoned facilitators with hundreds of hours of Compassionate Listening facilitation experience.

Goals of the Mentoring Program

  1. To ensure consistency, integrity and the highest standards for Compassionate Listening (CL) programs.
  2. To ensure that participants maintain a high skill level before facilitating.
  3. To support participants to be a force for transforming polarization in their own lives and in the world by developing mastery of Compassionate Listening’s Five Core Practices.
  4. To support participants to integrate Compassionate Listening with their own work, and to create new curricula and programs.

Our workshops are experiential immersions and do not focus on teaching facilitation skills. Those planning to go on to Mentoring are expected to have gained facilitation skills in other settings.

If you’d like more information or to speak with a potential mentor, please contact us.


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