Advanced Training

Compassionate Listening℠ is a skill set that calls for ongoing practice, integration, and embodiment. Advanced courses are created and offered by independent Certified Compassionate Listening Facilitators and posted in our calendar. Courses may be taken individually and in any sequence. Courses are designed to strengthen Compassionate Listening skills, catalyze personal growth, and offer direction and support in an intimate learning community of compassionate listeners, exploring what it means to be a skilled practitioner. Advanced courses are open to everyone who has taken an introductory training or participated in a training delegation, or by permission of the facilitator.

Participants come with the intention to deepen their understanding and practice of Compassionate Listening, for embodiment in daily life. Some are inspired to facilitate practice groups, offer presentations and introductions, and/or pursue our Mentoring track to teach and/or create new programs. Some integrate Compassionate Listening with their existing work. Everyone is welcome.

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Advanced Training Exercise, 2010

*Please check our calendar to see when these and other advanced courses are offered.

Compassionate Listening with Self and Others

This course focuses on integrating and embodying the Five Core Practices of Compassionate Listening with self and others. It is excellent for those wanting to strengthen their connection to their authentic core essence, and learn how to maintain this compassionate connection to self and others in relationships, including in challenging situations.

Compassionate Listening in the World

This course is designed for those who want to pursue deeper skill development in the realm of work, community, large group interaction, and leadership. The course includes a focus on issues of rank, privilege, internalized and systemic oppression, grief, forgiveness, and ‘sitting in the fire.’ Emphasis is on bringing our practice into the world and working with others.


Advanced Training Group, Seabeck, 2010

The Advanced Training hugely exceeded my expectations in the depth of learning, self-revelation, connection to others, and in accepting love, courage, and inspiration to move forward.

The material is magnificent, as is the transparent, loving, and dedicated facilitation and leadership. The field that was created was incredibly powerful and loving.

The exercises moved me, and brought me to insight and change quickly. I am filled with awe at the potential power of this work, and filled with gratitude for it. It’s fabulous!

Compassionate Listening is a powerful gift to the world, and the process of becoming a Compassionate Listener is an amazing growth experience.

I find Compassionate Listening to be the most valuable work of this sort that I have done. It goes deep, and is not formulaic. I now feel certain I can continue integrating this work into every aspect of my life.

We hope you will join us on this journey to the heart with a group of already dedicated and experienced people. I can say from my personal experience that the benefits of doing this work in a learning community are immense. – Leah Green, director

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