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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to organize a Compassionate Listening training. Our trainings are most successful when sponsored by a local organization, individual, or group familiar with and enthusiastic about Compassionate Listening, with a extensive network and prior experience organizing events. We have greatly enjoyed working with a variety of people and organizations to bring CL to communities around the world. You can see a list of the many groups and agencies we have worked with by clicking here.

About Our Training:
Compassionate Listening –
Healing Our World from the Inside Out

Every spiritual master recognizes listening as the most precious gift we can give to another human being. In every human interaction, whether as mentor, friend, family member, co-worker, leader or social activist, the practice of Compassionate Listening builds trust, connection, compassion, respectful dialogue, and sustainable solutions.

Seabeck, 2009

Seabeck, 2009

The Core Practices of Compassionate Listening are covered in our training:
• Holding compassion for oneself and others – including forgiveness.
• Suspending judgment;
• Maintaining balance in the heat of conflict;
• Listening and Speaking from the heart.


Schedule: Recommended Schedule for non-residential workshop: Saturday and/or Sunday, 9:30am-6pm, with a lunch break. The schedule for a residential retreat can start with a Friday evening session, go all day Saturday, and end early afternoon on Sunday. We can also do a standard Saturday and Sunday format, with just one overnight.

Venue needed:  We ask our local hosts to find a spacious, private meeting room, ideally one that seats about 25 people in a circle and has enough room for participants to spread out for exercises in small groups. (We’ve also held trainings in private homes.) The room should be reserved four to six months in advance in order to ensure adequate time for outreach and marketing.  We look for low-cost community space that is no more than $100/day (or donated space, even better!). Sometimes our trainings are held at a retreat center. Either way is fine; however, retreat centers increase the cost for participants, since they involve meals and lodging.

Financial Arrangements

There are two pathways for local groups to partner with TCLP to host a training:

Option 1: TCLP handles the administration and finances for the training. Participants pay on a sliding scale of $175-$350 per person for a two-day training or $95-$175 for a one-day training. Our office handles registration, payment for the venue, travel expenses for the trainer and any other expenses involved in the training. We offer one free space in the training for a representative of the host group in exchange for the group’s shared marketing efforts and on-site logistics.

Option 2: The host group pays a flat fee to TCLP. This figure is in the range of $1200 – $2000 (depending on the experience level of the trainer) for a one-day training, $2000 – $3000 for a two-day training. The host group assumes responsibility for setting training fees and registration, and covers expenses for meeting room, travel and lodging for the trainer (we love home-stays).


Promotion is shared between TCLP and the host:

TCLP provides the host with a calendar write-up and a professionally produced flier that can be used for emailing, printing, and posting. We promote the training nationally through email outreach, our website calendar, Facebook and our ning network.  We may have colleagues and contacts in your area who will help with outreach and marketing.  It is recommended that hosts find organizations in your community to co-sponsor the training, such as professional mediation centers, interfaith organizations, etc.

In the past local hosts have promoted the training through a variety of ways: posting on community calendars;  posting fliers in libraries, bookstores, and favorite bulletin boards; sending email announcements to local networks; posting on Facebook and other social networks; and reaching out to community groups that might be interested in our work and press releases to generate interest in an interview or article.

On-Site Support

The local host or sponsor may also serve as a contact for questions. This is essential if the Facilitator and TCLP office are unfamiliar with the local community. As the workshop approaches, the host helps the Facilitator find lodging, if needed, either with a local host or a hotel. During the training, the host arranges for the meeting room to be unlocked, helps with set-up and greets participants, and is available to assist the trainer with logistics. We also ask the host to arrange for tea and healthy snacks, for which TCLP will reimburse them.

We hope this gives you a good idea of the expectations of a workshop host or group sponsor. If, after considering this information, you are interested in working with us to organize a training, please email  so we can talk it over and hopefully get started.

Thank you so much for your interest!

About The Compassionate Listening Project (TCLP)

TCLP is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching skills for peace building and conflict transformation in our families, in our communities, on the job, and in social change work locally and globally. We offer powerful skills trainings and a Facilitator Certification program.

We developed our curriculum after a decade of reconciliation work on the ground in Israel and Palestine – bringing people together to experience the humanity of “the other.” From this work, we distilled the essence of Compassionate Listening and developed experiential curricula, which we now teach in diverse contexts worldwide. Our certified facilitators have taught Compassionate Listening in over twenty U.S. states, Europe, and the Middle East. Our Middle East work continues today, focusing on trainings for Israeli and Palestinian peace leaders, and continues to inform our curriculum.


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