Engaging from the Heart Intro – Day 2 – in Seattle with Susan Partnow

Become a More Powerful Peacemaker in Your Family, Community and Workplace

9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Deepen Your Exploration of the Five Core Practices of Compassionate Listening and learn the skills necessary to bring this powerful technique into your daily life.

  • Holding Compassion for Oneself and Others
  • Suspending Judgment
  • Maintaining Balance in the Heat of Conflict
  • Listening with the Heart
  • Speaking from the Heart

Compassionate Listening is a practice that reaches deep into the heart of discord or disconnection, teaching people to listen with a different “ear” to those around them. Its powerful tools help transform the energy of conflict into opportunities for understanding, intimacy at home, healthy relations, productive teamwork, and positive action. It is a practice that provides a roadmap to what sages from all ages and cultures have taught: cultivating the wisdom of the heart is the key to real peace “from the inside out.”

This one day session provides Day 2 of  the basic introduction for those who have take Day 1 and an opportunity for previous participants to review and deepen their practice.  Whereas Day 1 focused on our own stories and self compassion, Day 2 brings us  to stepping in the shoes of the other, transforming debate to dialogue and healing connection, and learning from our judgements.

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Your Facilitator:  Susan Partnow is co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Let’s Talk America and Global Citizen Journey. She is a former teacher and speech pathologist, author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions, co-author of The Art of Compassionate Listening, certified mediator, and an organizational development consultant/trainer for over 20 years, with an M.A. from Northwestern University.


Compassionate Listening at Peace Place, Pati, Java

Joanie Levine and Yehudah Winter, Compassionate Listening Facilitators, will be offering two short trainings at Peace Place in Pati, Java.  The workshops are by invitation only.

Where: Peace Place – Pati, Java


When: Wednesday, January 4, 2017: 2-4:30 pm

Friday, January 6, 2017: 2-4:30 pm

If interested, please contact Joanie at:





World Work from the Heart: Compassionate Listening Advanced Practice

How can we work more deeply from a compassionate heart in our endeavors to transform our world? Come to this 2-day session to develop your skills in the realm of work and community development, being an ally, large group interaction, and leadership. We’ll focus on issues of rank, privilege, internalized and systemic oppression, grief, and forgiveness – and practice ‘sitting in the fire’ with those with whom we disagree. Through a combination of practices, we’ll work to strengthen our ability to be a positive force in the world – with the courage, knowledge and humility needed to “take a stand.”

On each step of the journey, you’ll integrate more deeply the wisdom of mind, body and spirit in service of creating the world we long for. Explore with us in this laboratory for growth and connection.

The session is designed to deepen your skills in Compassionate Listening and to integrate them more fully into your daily experiences. The Basic Intensive, Compassionate Listening Intensive: Healing the World from the Inside Out, is a pre-requisite for this Advanced Intensive.  If you have not received prior training with us, please contact Andrea (cohencomm@comcast.net 206.523.6018) or Susan (susanpartnow@gmail.com 206.310.1203) to explore how to set up a pre-workshop Orientation.

Registration:  Secure online registration

Andrea Cohen is a communications consultant, project developer, and certified Compassionate Listening facilitator who has been involved with The Compassionate Listening Project since its inception. She is the director of the TCLP film Children of Abraham and is co-director of the Jewish-German Reconciliation Project.

Susan Partnow is co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Let’s Talk America and Global Citizen Journey. She is a former teacher and speech pathologist, author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions, certified mediator and an organizational development consultant/trainer for over 30 years, with an M.A. from Northwestern University.

Cost: Total cost for the two-day workshop is $195 – $395. You’ll be able to choose what you pay within this range at the end of the workshop. Those able and willing to contribute at the higher end help support our ability to provide partial scholarships for those who are in need. Pre-registration is required: $150. Your pre-registration fee goes toward the total workshop fee. The remainder of the fee is due at the end of the workshop. We’re unable to accept any credit cards at the workshop! Partial scholarships may be available for those unable to pay the full fee, so please don’t let cost be a barrier.

People coming from out of town are advised to check with Andrea at (206) 523-6018 before buying airline tickets to confirm that the the minimum number of participants needed has been met.

We have limited ability to offer partial scholarships. If you’d like to know more about this workshop or partial scholarships, contact Andrea at (206) 523-6018 or cohencomm@comcast.net.

Continuing education credits may be available for this workshop.


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