Beyond These Narrow Borders

Beyond These Narrow Borders follows the experiences of youth participating in the “Seedlings of Peace Summer Camp” in the Balkans. This project brings together youth from all sides of pre-war Yugoslavia to Latinovac, a small village in Croatia, to learn skills in the areas of Compassionate Listening, Nonviolent Communication, mediation, creative problem solving and cultural awareness. The rural surroundings, supportive staff, and techniques learned in listening and communicating, combine to create a “safe container” for the participating youth to express and receive each other’s views and experiences.

It has become clear that peace-building activities among youth in the region are critical to a lasting peace in the future. The existing situation of social divisions according to ethnicity after the war has left segregated youth with no joint activities and little or no contact. Hatred, prejudice, and stereotypes are still very common and even growing through a lack of contact and interaction as well as from the history of violence during the war. Beyond These Narrow Borders is an extraordinary voyage into healing and reconciliation and reflects the spirit in this rich region of South East Europe.


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