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November 2015

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September, 2013

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December 2011

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  • Open Letter from Leah Green and Allison Goldstein
  • Our Numbers Speak for Themselves
  • 2011 Venues
  • 2012 Calendar
  • Practicing The Art of Compassionate Listening Our Latest Book!
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December 2010

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  • Open Letter from Leah Green
  • Leah Green Honored by Peace X Peace
  • Healing Our Communities
  • CL at Arcadia University
  • Healing a Relationship
  • Speaking from the Heart – An Act of Courage
  • Advanced Training 2011!
  • Compassionate Listening & Social Justice – Teaching CL in Community College
  • The Art of Folding
  • Rehumanizing the ‘Other’ in Israel and Palestine
  • Journey to the Heart: CL Training Delegation in Israel and Palestine
  • Photo Essay: Journey to the Heart of Peacemaking
  • 2011 Calendar
  • Who Wants to Experience the ‘Helper’s High?’
  • 8th Annual Compassionate Listening Gathering
  • Listening Poem

December 2009

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  • Open Letter from Leah Green
  • Compassionate Listening Footage in New PBS Film on Forgiveness!
  • Compassionate Listening Embraces Africa: Global Citizen Journey
  • The Transpartisan Alliance: Compassionate Listening Helping to Bridge the Divide
  • Compassionate Listening Embraces College Communities
  • Seattle Listens Project: Compassionate Listening Embraces the China-Tibet Conflict
  • Compassionate Listening Embraces Abuse Victims in the Catholic Church
  • Restorative Justice for Healing: Compassionate Listening Embraces the Disenfranchised
  • Letter from Jerusalem by Yael Petretti
  • Julia’s Story
  • Compassionate Listening Embraces Leaders in the Delaware Valley
  • Peace It Together, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Student Interfaith Peace Project, Denver, CO
  • The Red Dress
  • PEACE poem

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