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Harnessing Our Rage/Acting as a WHOLE Human Being in Our Fractured World – TBA

March 1, 12:00 AM

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.”   Paulo Coelho

Is it time to stop feeding hate? When you post online, do your words sneak in some form of hate: dehumanization, snark, belittling, derision – some invitation to Us vs. Them? (Notice how it feels good to do that, almost empowering.)

Let’s ask ourselves, “Is this how I want to be remembered in the world?”

What would all of us say about “upping our game?” Can we begin to live and model our values for the way we want the world to become, rather than the way the world is now? Much depends on our ability to harness our anger and deploy it toward creative ends, not allowing it to explode in destructive ways; and, on our conscious use of practices that call us back to our core values when we have been triggered.

Intrigued?  Our brains can be trained to see beyond “Us vs. Them” – current social science research demonstrates this. As we experience this capacity for transformation, it becomes alive and anchored in our beings. This very experiential workshop offers us the opportunity to learn and experience:

  • How our evolutionary brains trigger our reactivity and how our bodies’ systems can counter this
  • How we can discern and continue to act on our individual core values as we are daily challenged
  • Practices that can support us in bridging the divide, both in ourselves, and with the “other”

Your facilitator is long-time Compassionate Listening trainer, Jan Hutton MSW, (bio).

Dates and Times, Winter, 2018, TBA. The workshop will be held over the course of 5 weekly, 2-hour sessions, using the online platform Zoom. Zoom supports calling in by phone and the online capacity for interactive exercises in dyads and small groups, making full experiential capacity available for this workshop and allowing people from different locations to come together. For more information, please contact Jan Hutton: janhutton1@gmail.com



March 1
12:00 AM
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Jan Hutton


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