Zale, Sarah



Sarah Zale, Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington


Sarah Zale is founder and director of The Listening Tree Project (LTP), an academic program with Compassionate Listening and interactive theatre (Theatre of the Oppressed) as its foundational tools ( Its mission is to promote a climate of equality, justice, and respect for all people, and facilitate student leadership development. LTP is designed so that members of the campus community participate in problem-solving around issues that traditionally have made education and the delivery of services difficult for all students, faculty, and staff, but especially for those of color, women, differently-abled people, religious minorities, LGBTQ people, immigrants and international students, and low-income people. LTP may be defined in terms of intercultural communication, multicultural understanding, and global awareness, all of which fall under the umbrella term of internationalization. An English teacher at Shoreline Community College in Washington state, Sarah uses LTP as a vehicle to introduce Compassionate Listening and interactive theatre as across-the-curriculum tools to increase multicultural understanding and to create citizens of the world. A poet, Sarah published her first book, The Art of Folding, following her travels with the Compassionate Listening Project to Israel and Palestine. Her new collection celebrates a re-envisioning and celebration of Detroit (

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