Partnow, Susan


Susan Partnow, Seattle, Washington

Susan PartnowSusan Partnow, M.A., organizational development and training consultant ( enjoys being a catalyst for individuals and teams seeking positive changes through workshops, retreats, and coaching. Susan participated in an early trip to Israel/Jordan/Palestine in 1992, and served as a board member for the Compassionate Listening Project from 2000-2004. For over fifteen years she has facilitated dialogues, networking, and community building in organizations, government agencies, and the community to promote positive social change, ‘out of the box’ thinking, collective wisdom and teambuilding. Susan’s interest arises from a lifelong journey as a peacemaker, mediator and activist. Former teacher and speech pathologist, and author of Everyday Speaking for All Occasions with an M.A. from Northwestern University, Susan’s work is enriched by Open Space, Dynamic Facilitation, Spiral Dynamics, chaos theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Non Violent Communication and the Public Conversations Project. She co-founded Conversation Cafes and Let’s Talk America, and founded Global Citizen Journey in 2005.

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