Hutton, Jan


Jan Hutton, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Jan HuttonJan Hutton  MSW, a graduate of the University of Michigan, believes in supporting wholeness in every human being. To that end, during the last 45 years, Jan has served as a community organizer and activist, social worker in hospice and hospital settings, meditation teacher and, she hopes, a ‘kind’ person. The operative principle for Jan’s work as a facilitator and mentor is, “How do we look at those who differ from us and see our shared humanity?” She offers Compassionate Listening with the strong belief that implementing peacemaking in the public sector makes it vital we practice, heart to heart, that very same peacemaking in our personal lives; this includes peacemaking with ourselves, i.e., self-compassion. (Do you?) Jan has been privileged to offer trainings in different locales across the country. Please read some of her recent testimonials here: Testimonials for Jan

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