Dickter, Glenn


Glenn Dickter, Santa Fe, New Mexico

glennGlenn Dickter is a small business owner who has had a private practice as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial for 29 years.  Glenn was an active board member for Creativity for Peace from 2007 through 2012. He now serves on the Emeritus Board.  He has been involved for 17 years with The Mankind Project.  He is dedicated to the dialogue process as a tool to end conflict.  As a trainer and facilitator, Glenn has brought the principles of Compassionate Listening to a number of settings in Santa Fe and elsewhere, including his synagogue and other church groups, educators, and volunteer organizations.  Perhaps nowhere has he been more inspirational than with his three grown children, who all seem to like each other and their parents, and even enjoy spending time with the whole family together.  They hike, play Scrabble, and whenever they can attend music performances and festivals throughout the southwest.

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