Phillips, Amalia

Amalia Phillips, Annapolis, Maryland

UnknownAmalia Phillips is a long time educator, conflict resolution facilitator (trained by the Alternatives to Violence Project, USA), a mediator (trained by the Anne Arundel Center for mediation) and now a facilitator of Compassionate Listening after completing her mentorship with Leah Green.

She brings the principles of Compassionate Listening to different settings in the Annapolis, DC and Baltimore area including her Listening Room, religious organizations, educational institutions, and volunteer organizations.

Cohen Kiener, Andrea

Andrea Cohen Kiener, Greenfield, MA


andreackAndrea Cohen Kiener is a community activist in the fields of interfaith relations, the environment and sustainable agriculture. She is an ordained rabbi and counselor (Alliance for Jewish Renewal) and spiritual leader of Temple Israel Greenfield. She was director of Connecticut Interfaith Power and Light for 10 years and is the translator of Conscious Community by Rabbi Kalanymous Kalman Shapira, of blessed memory, a rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto. Her other publications include “For All Who Call: A Guide to the Enhancement of the Instruction of Jewish Prayer” and “Claiming Earth As Common Ground”, by Jewish Lights Publishers. Andrea has been to the Middle East eight times with the Compassionate Listening Project, including leading and co-leading seven Journeys to Israel and Palestine. Andrea is a certified facilitator of Compassionate Listening.


Cohen, Andrea

Andrea Cohen, Seattle, Washington


Andrea Cohen1Andrea Cohen is a communications consultant, project developer, trainer and staff facilitator. She was co-director of a Compassionate Listening-based Jewish-German Reconciliation Project and also directed the Compassionate Listening film Children of Abraham. Andrea facilitates Compassionate Listening workshops locally and internationally and integrates Compassionate Listening fundamentals into dialogue events, the workplace and communities in conflict. She holds Masers Degrees in both Education and Social Work. She is the author of Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening, a practical guidebook that helps people utilize compassionate listening skills in the heat of daily life challenges.


Gubbay-Helfer, Sharon

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Montreal, Quebec

Sharon Gubbay Helfer, Ph.D. is an oral historian and video-biographer, specializing in life stories. Over the past twenty years she has been pursuing a deep interest in dialogues, and in particular difficult dialogues, both as a scholar and as a citizen. She has been an active participant in different inter-religious and intercultural groups and was co-president of the Israeli-Palestinian “Montreal Dialogue Group” for a number of years. Her academic research projects include an oral history of pioneers of Jewish-Catholic dialogue in Québec carried out at the Université de Montréal, and a Palestinian-Canadian Life Stories pilot project, at Concordia’s Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling. See Sharon’s website for details. In November 2015, Sharon joined a CLP delegation to Israel and Palestine. This pivotal experience led to her seeking certification as a CLP facilitator. Since certification, Sharon has been following her heart and finding her voice in new ways. Current passions include leading workshops and trainings to help cultivate the strength and clarity we need, in order to co-create new paths forward personally and communally, especially in these polarizing times.


Winter, Yehudah

Yehudah Winter, Portland, OR


Yehudah Winter is an RN with a counseling degree. He bicycles in weeklong events that take him into steep, gorgeous terrain. He is a Feldenkrais devotee, a grandfather, world traveler, gardener. Yehudah has been involved with Compassionate Listening just about since its inception, having gone on two delegations (2000 to Israel/Palestine and 2002 to Syria and Lebanon), and returning to Israel/Palestine in 2015 with his partner Joanie Levine, where they facilitated many workshops. The two work as a team to create dynamic CL introductory sessions as well as enhanced learning opportunities.




Levine, Joanie

Joanie Levine, Portland, Oregon

Joanie LevineJoanie Levine is a dance ethnologist, wedding celebrant, authentic movement practitioner, world traveler, gardener and grandmother. With Yehudah Winter she facilitated Compassionate Listening trainings in Rwanda and numerous groups in the Ugandan Abayudaya community plus on the 2015 Compassionate Listening Delegation to Israel/Palestine. The two offer CL Introductory Intensives and short workshops in the greater Portland, Oregon area and conduct monthly practice groups in their home. Joanie’s mentor is Leah Green, founder of CLP.


Halaby, Julia

Julia Halaby, Boulder Colorado

IMG_1696Julia Halaby received her Bachelor of Arts from Western State College in Gunnison and a Masters of Arts in Education from University of Colorado, Boulder.  She has a 25-year career as a public school teacher, both in Social Studies and Special Education, and currently teaches at Boulder High School. She has held teaching positions throughout the state of Colorado and has developed sensitivity to native and indigenous concerns, socio-economic inequity and diversity.  In 2011 she received National Board Certification for Professional Teaching Standards. Her professional accomplishments have been significantly shaped by the learning and practice of Compassionate Listening. Born to a Palestinian father and an American mother; it was in learning to navigate the Israel-Palestine conflict that Julia discovered and embraced Compassionate Listening. She participated in a Compassionate Listening delegation in 2008. Today the teaching, practicing and facilitating of compassionate listening is a primary focus in her life. It is her belief that artistry in communicating with self and others is the key to happiness and fulfillment. She is currently facilitating two monthly practice groups, one in Boulder and one in Denver.


Hwosch, Peter

Peter Hwosch, Portland, Oregon

Peter Head Shot-B+WPeter Hwosch is currently documentarian, facilitator and a contributor to curriculum development with The Toolbox Project. His films inform all of us about the power of children to manage their own learning and life. Peter has also worked with Reuniting America, The Transpartisan Alliance, American Building Community, The Seedlings of Peace Summer Camp in Croatia (working with youth from all sides of the Balkans war), is a certified facilitator for The Compassionate Listening Project, is atrained mediator, and a recording and performing songwriter/composer. His work in music outside his own CD releases include films for the Everyone Orchestra, The Scott Pemberton Band and many others.
He is founder/owner/producer of Hwosch Productions, Make It Real Films, and True Wealth Trainings, who’s work revolves around bridge building and creativity applied to systemic change. <


Berman, Lisa

Lisa Berman, Ojai, California

Lisa Berman TCLPLisa Berman is certified in systemic mediation and studied Peace Sciences at the University in Hagen/Germany. She is trained both in Compassionate Listening and Non Violent Communication. Together with her husband Brian, they facilitate healing and reconciliation workshops in the US and Europe. Lisa brings a deep understanding of how life and the wounds of the past affect people’s well-being and health. For the past 30+ years she has worked as a compassionate healer, teacher and workshop leader. Lisa is a Holistic Health Consultant and Transformational Counselor. She is adjunct faculty at Bastyr University in Washington.


Berman, Brian

Brian Berman, Ojai, California

Brian Berman TCLPBrian Berman: The heart of Brian’s teaching work is peace building, which begins within. As a Compassionate Listening facilitator, Brian cultivates compassion for oneself as the first step, for without peace on the inside there can be no peace on the outside. As the former co-director and facilitator of the Jewish-German Reconciliation Project, Brian’s CL work centered on reconciliation and healing the wounds of war. Together with his wife Lisa, they facilitate healing and reconciliation workshops in the US and Europe. Brian is trained in Hakomi Therapy, Attitudinal Healing, and taught yoga and meditation for many years. He is an award-winning sculptor and teacher. The theme of his artwork is Art for Peace.


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